Syam Sasi

Carousell (SG)

Syam Sasi is a Senior Software Engineer at Carousell Singapore, Asia’s biggest online classified marketplace. Syam has eight years of extensive experience in Software Quality Assurance field. Syam has implemented various test strategies and architected automated test suites for mobile, web and hybrid applications. He is the creator of the “Relative XPath helper” Chrome extension which has users in more than 100 countries. Syam is one of the core members of TAQELAH (, Singapore’s most vibrant QA community. 



Building a scalable device lab with Ansible, Appium and Selenium Grid

Simulators are a cost-effective and straightforward alternative to testing on physical devices. We showcase how to set-up, auto-scale and efficiently maintain an iPhone simulator lab using Ansible, Selenium Grid and Appium.
Maintaining physical test devices for mobile automation can be expensive and time-consuming. On top of the initial investment, you need to consider maintenance cost, replacement devices and efforts for manual scaling. On the other side of the spectrum, cloud providers take care of these restrictions, but their services can come at a hefty price tag, especially when your use-case requires a large number of devices. We present a middle path and demonstrate how to use simulators to build a reliable and scalable in-house device lab using Ansible, Selenium Grid and Appium. Combining Ansible with Selenium Grid yields a powerful combination because it allows us to set-up our grid and nodes in just a few seconds. In this talk, we show you how to utilise Ansible to auto-scale your grid infrastructure efficiently.
Like many companies, we maintain both iOS and Android apps. When it comes to iOS, there are some restrictions on how we can perform testing; for example, the need to use Apple certified hardware. Not being able to employ a large cloud provider like AWS or GCP for our device lab, we gave new life to a couple of “old” Macbooks sitting around the office. We cover how to run our solution on physical hardware but also talk about migration to a Mac-based cloud provider.
We describe the technical concept, challenges and learnings from our experience. We also touch on our general testing philosophy and strategy and how a flexible device lab is an essential key to achieving our quality goals.