Roland Milos

Bosch (HU)

Milos Roland is a Verification & Validation Engineer for mechatronic products at Robert Bosch kft. In the past 10 years he has gathered diverse experience in the fields of embedded software development, end-of-line testing, testing of communication interfaces. Made trainings and presentations at various places. Holds a certificate of ISTQB Advanced Level Full Core.

Currently he is working on to cultivate testing culture and test processes to facilitate the development of quality products.


Company Values in daily life

Company values are the symbols, which define the past, present and future for a lot of companies, but because of their abstract nature, they are often unknown, or misunderstood by the employees.

Have you made any thoughts about yours until now? Do they mean any value to you? The presentation will give an example, how some of Bosch’s company values are lived in the daily life.