Lee Copeland

Freelancer (USA)

Lee Copeland has decades of experience as an information systems professional. He has held technical and managerial positions with commercial and non-profit organizations in the areas of software development, testing, process improvement, consulting, and conference production. He’s worked for a leading minicomputer manufacturer, an international non-profit organization, a technical education company, tried retirement but found it boring, and now brings experience and wisdom to a QA group within an international consulting company. Lee is a well-known speaker, a prolific writer, and author of the best-selling book, A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design.



Invest in yourself and others: our future depends on it

Without improving ourselves every day, it would be unrealistic to expect a very different future than the one we have right now. Lee Copeland believes we must invest in ourselves and others to create a better future. For increased personal success, he recommends investing in personal education, career experience, travel, technical skills, speaking and listening skills, guarding your health, never giving up your integrity, and being open to serendipity. For investing in others’ success, he recommends building personal relationships, creating a personal network, challenging and assisting others, giving your time and trust, and delighting in the success of others. Come and listen as Lee shares stories and experiences to improve your life and career. Our future, both individually and collectively, depends on your investment.