Kurt Barndt

GE Healthcare (HU)

Kurt Barndt is a Principal Product Security Leader based in Budapest for the Cybersecurity team at GE Healthcare Digital.  Kurt has over 25+ years software industry experience with a focus on software tools startups and designing distributed systems.  He has industry experience as a product engineer, architect, program manager, management consultant and product security lead.  Kurt currently works with GE agile development teams to build secure by design applications in the Cloud space for Healthcare providers. 



Security Operations (SECOPS) – Verifying Application, Environment and Organization Security Controls at Runtime

Operational Security Verification is the Identification, Control and Improvement of runtime security behavior by considering the aspects of Application, Technology, Environment, Users, Adversaries and the Business Organization. The operational security risks to be assessed for an application landscape are frequently changing along with the subsequent need for detection and mitigation. The Operational Security controls are composed of multiple systems and data sources that themselves require testing. Cloud deployment adds software automation and abstraction that requires further consideration from traditional applications.