Kevin Pyles

Domo, Inc (USA)

Kevin Pyles has been in QA for over ten years and has led local and remote teams responsible for QA across forty-plus concurrent projects. Kevin’s previous teams provided load testing for over 600K conn/sec and I18N and L10N for 100+ languages. Kevin recently fell in love with AI and Python and started promoting AI as the future of testing, Follow Kevin on Twitter @pyleskevin.



From Zero to AI Hero

AI is here. Will it take your job? Is it possible to make it beneficial, not detrimental to your career? Let’s cut through the hype and get to practical applications of AI for Testing. Kevin will show you how his team went from little knowledge of ML, AI, and, in some cases, even programming to implementing custom automation frameworks, data analytics, and ML. Learn from Kevin’s experience and walk away with a plan for continuous learning that will take you from zero to AI hero in your career.