Jörg Liebel

Evosoft (HU)
Jörg is Head of Innovation Management as well as Head of Quality Management at evosoft kft. Having an engineer background he entered the software business as a lateral move. He was starting his career in Germany in different departments of Siemens like Finance and Strategy. After working in the HQ as Executive Assistant, he searched a new challenge in an operational role, and move to the beautiful city of Budapest and right into the software R&D business.
When Testing meets Innovation

Software R&D and testing in the industrial environment comes more and more under pressure by business aspects. Targets like cost savings and quicker go-to-market asking for new testing concepts. An Innovation strategy is one answer. evosoft introduced a new concept in order to leverage the innovation spirit and make use from the knowledge and ideas of their people. Technologies like Cloud or AI, tested in real-live scenarios, are laying tracks to tackle future challenges