Joanna Jeziorska

Siemens Digital Logistics (PL)

Joanna Jeziorska graduate in psychology, did not hit the IT world by chance. In her previous work (HR and then a school), Joanna was interested in effective solutions and facilitating work with people by the means of available applications. While working at an international school in Central Asia, Joanna was asked to implement an electronic class register. At the school rally, she heard the words “This woman introduced our school to the 21st century”. After returning to Poland, she studied software development. It’s been ten years since she has been involved in Quality Assurance. Joanna has been testing applications used by airlines and banks and currently a logistics platform.

Learn like a machine

My speech is about learning process and human  intelligence. While Artificial Intelligence is a subject of interest of many professionals, our own tool to store and process data can still (and should) be developed. I want to point out how can we make sure that we take a good care of our own intellectual development. How can we use our memory and how can we exercise our intellect to make the best use of it in our work as Quality Guards.