Jani Grönman

Solita (FI)

Jani has over 20 years of experience in software business. As a man who is tired of poor services and software quality, he is on a mission to create truly meaningful products for people to use. Too often companies try to solve their problems with just adding new technology when the real issue might be in their strategy or communication. This leads to poor quality and spending money in wrong ventures. During his career, he has worked as a software developer, scrum master, product owner, project manager, service manager and test manager (and in some other roles too). As a project manager, he’s led projects ranging from several dozens of people with a turnover of multi-million euro scale down to two man experimental prototyping ventures. As a test manager and tester, he’s been testing services vital to companies and government, some with extensive test automation suites, some without any. Implementing Agile transformations and improvement of company culture is also something he has experience in. Despite all these different roles Jani has been in, he most likes to think of himself as a Developer, in the broadest sense of the term: developing companies, businesses, software and strategy. Currently the main thing that inspires him is the business perspective, how to design a business that can change things and how testing can help with that. Currently working as a testing coach, Jani is developing testing and quality culture at Solita from business and quality management point of view.




Twitter: @JGronman


Test Coaching

Testing skills are mandatory in modern software development for every stakeholder. We have discovered two main areas that need improving: developers’ testing skills and clients’ understanding of the role of testing. Developers focus mainly on programming skills, tools, technologies etc. and they rarely learn systematic testing. Clients on the other hand might view testing either as purely suppliers’ problem or they might focus on the wrong things when testing. We work at Solita. There is an actual need to understand and perform testing in our company. Usually testing skills aren’t systematically trained. Also in some cases, clients don’t understand testing enough to make good decisions regarding it. Enter Test Coaching! Test Coaching is a concept and a service that helps projects and clients to make most out of their testing. Do you have pain-points, lack of testing skills, challenges in testing? Test Coaching facilitates problem solving in teams and projects, tailored to their specific needs. We change the teams’ and client’s way of approaching testing. We have had dozens of projects as clients, large and small. We have coached and trained our managers, developers, and clients’ domain experts who are involved in testing. In addition to helping teams in their daily work, we also help with sales materials and testing related details in offers and tenders regarding future projects. What we do, depends on the needs of the particular company and project. We’ll spark inspiration and give tools for new kind of competence improvement. You’ll be able to implement new ways of training, coaching and guiding your company towards better tomorrow. This can change the way companies think about their testing competence development.