Jan Sahlström

ADDQ Consulting (SE)

Jan has almost twenty years of experience in software testing in various roles and is currently working as a consultant for ADDQ in Sweden. His main focus is the QA aspect of transitions in agile and changes when adapting to the DevOps culture. He has done several talks around his main interest on how to achieve continuous quality integration and building cross functional teams with a holistic view on quality.

Continuous Delivery and testing in production

Faster release cycles using CI/CD and DevOps might expand the testing activities beyond the traditional boundaries. There are techniques where the final verification of the software is done in or close to the production environment with minimal impact of the users. A.k.a. Testing in Production. This talk will go through the three main stages and explain and give real life examples of concepts like staged rollouts, dogfooding, dark launch, A/B testing, effective use of log and monitoring and more.