Geoff Meyer

Dell EMC (USA)

Geoff Meyer is a Test Architect in the Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions Group and has 30+ years of industry experience as a software developer, manager, program manager, and director. He drives the Test Strategy and Architecture for 400+ SW and HW Testers across India, Taiwan, and the United States which includes Test initiatives for Agile Testing, Test Automation, Continuous Testing,  Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. Geoff is a member of the Agile Austin community and frequent speaker at international Agile and Testing conferences. He is on the board of 501c3 and is a mentor/instructor to Veterans participating in the program, which provides them an on-ramp to a career in software quality assurance. You can connect with Geoff at LinkedIn or Twitter.

What’s Our Job When the Machines do Testing?

Much of the recent R&D energy in the space of AI and Analytics is focused outwardly on the revenue generating opportunities of AI-based product and services. And while these represent great market disruption and growth opportunities, what about those organizations who’s existing portfolios could achieve cost-saving benefits through the automation of R&D processes once thought to be in the exclusive domain of Engineers?  With R&D organizations so focused on the external opportunities, are they missing out on the inward-looking opportunities that could provide them with increased capacity and improved time-to-market?

Of course, once we start down this path of opportunity,  that pop culture buzz of AI taking over jobs from humans starts to take on a different reality and frankly, it starts to get personal for us Engineers. We have long been comforted by the belief that that our knowledge worker jobs are immune from the type of automation that impacted scores of manual jobs throughout the Industrial Revolution.  But are we safe from this type of disruption? Could AI really take over our jobs in software engineering and testing? Perhaps not entire jobs…yet, but what are some of the tasks that are suitable for Cognitive Automation by bots? How do we go about identifying the tasks that are best performed by humans, those by bots, and how do we go about bringing those bots to life in our organizational contexts?

In this session,  Geoff shares delves into the uncharted territory of applying Analytics and Machine Learning to Testing. He examines the unfolding question of “What’s our job When Machines do Testing” and what should we, as Test Practitioners, be doing in preparation for the day that Machines do Testing.