Ewa Marchewka

Nokia Solutions and Networks (PL)

Ewa Marchewka is currently working as a Head of Small Cells Productization at Nokia. After getting a university degree in Telecommunication at AGH UST (Poland), she started her journey in the world of testing. During 14 years of her working life, she gained experience as Tester, Test Manager, Test Architect, Project Manager and Release Delivery Manager. She was one of the organizers and a chairman of TestDive conference in 2017, and one of the speakers during 2018 edition. Her hobby is psychology of testing. You can reach her at: or

Hallway testing – the cool face of usability testing

What is hallway testing? How can this testing method enhance usability of our product? What are the benefits of introducing hallway in your test strategy? In this presentation I would like to answer those question and explain how we can leverage “outsider view” to improve the quality of our product. Main points I would like to share with the participants:

  •         definition of hallway testing
  •         who-how-what-when – good practices of hallway testing
  •         cognitive diversity role in hallway testing