Branka Rakic

Levi9 (RS)

Branka Rakic is a Test Architect with strong experience in software testing. Branka has been in the testing field for around 12 years working on various projects from different domains. Being one of the moderators of her company’s testing community, Branka is actively fostering knowledge sharing between everyone interested in testing. She is also an international speaker, sharing her lessons outside
her own company. The contact information: Twitter @branka_rakic and

Define Your Test Strategy Because Agile Does Not Mean Unstructured

The crucial point about a testing process is that it starts even before the first line of code is written. The quality must be built in, it cannot be added on. You have probably heard these statements before and you maybe thought that it was easier said than done. This presentation gives you some recommendations in terms of making this task achievable. Above all, it shares some advice that can help you to define and structure your testing process for Agile because Agile does not mean unstructured.