Aleksandra Kornecka 

OLX Group (PL)

QA Engineer and certified tester with over 5 years experience in IT industry (web, mobile). Passionate about quality process, UX and IA. Master of Science in Cognitive Science.
Non-profit activist, international conferences speaker, social media ninja and sprinter.
Leader of Girls Who Test non-profit group helping the people to get into QA world by organizing various events and mentoring.

Cognitive approach to software quality

In digital era we live, it is easy to forget about most essential “technical” requirement in software development: the humanity. We, humans, create software for the human users, but we use non-human machines for that. It would be great to invest in human-friendly rules then.I will inspire you with set of those useful rules based on cognitive science findings about brain and mind.
In my presentation I’m binding the the scientific research examples with reality of software quality development .