Demeter Huba

Huba Demeter is a Principal Test Architect at Nokia. He started his career as a functional test engineer of telecommunication network functions, later he continued as the manager of a functional test team, then he managed a team that has developed a Test Automation Framework used for the automated execution of  functional regression test cases. As the technical leader of the Functional Test Architect community, Huba was responsible for test process engineering and master test plan creation, and he led test improvement projects targeting to establish the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery capability.  With over 20 years of experience in telecommunication software testing, Huba is the owner of the product-level test strategy of a Virtualized Network Function located in the core part of the telecommunication network. He ensures that the test strategy is aligned with the business goals, and provides technical guidance for the test activities performed during the entire product creation process, including various test types, such as functional, high availability, security, compatibility, operability and serviceability test.
AI usage for SW Testing at Nokia

How AI could help the SW testing of a complex Mobile Telecommunication network’s verification?