Sue Atkins

SOPRA STERIA, United Kingdom (UK)
Sue is a highly motivated test consultant having spent over 25 years evangelising about testing. Her skills include performance testing, usability testing, test training and test process improvement.  She also has a particular fondness for test techniques and visual methods of data representation. She has spent the last few years concentrating on bringing new testers into the fold and is currently the chairperson of the Scottish Testing Group
Black box test techniques – applying them in reality

Black Box Testing Techniques have long been part of the basic tester training, however we can find them difficult to apply post-training. Do we really understand them and where they can be best used in the rapid development cycles of today? Using test design techniques can help us clarify our thoughts and provide us with a basis on which to map the systems that we are working with.  They also help towards more efficient and effective testing by allowing us to focus our test effort. Different techniques provide us with a range of information, so within this tutorial, Sue Atkins will focus on three techniques that can help you improve the testing you do:

  • State Transition Testing – to map out the system, understand business process flows, and system interactions
  • Domain Analysis – an extension of Equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis that helps us understand data groups and boundaries
  • Pairwise Testing – a useful approach to help tighten the focus of your tests

Adding these three techniques to your toolkit will help you look at your systems in a new light. Sue demonstrates how to choose and use test design techniques not just to decide on tests but also to find potential defects and missing requirements pre-code, derive a test basis when requirements are unwritten, drive the direction for non-scripted approaches, and provide input to automation.