Rob Lambert

Cultivated Management (UK)

I’m on a mission to make Management in the Tech world more interesting, rewarding and fun. It’s an uphill struggle.

Management is often considered a dirty word – but the reality is that being a manager is a brilliant job. You get to help other people work with their strengths. You get to build teams that get things done. You get to work on improving the world of work and creating the kind of environment your organisation needs to succeed. You also get to learn a lot about yourself and develop your own character.

That sounds pretty cool.

That’s why I founded Cultivated Management, with the goal of helping as many managers as I can find joy and meaning in what they do. If I can help managers achieve their true potential, they will help others achieve their true potential too.

I started my career as a software tester, then an Engineering Manager and then I made the logical move sideways to HR. Throughout this journey I learned a valuable lesson – management make or break a business. They really do.

When I’m not rattling on about management – I write books, help parents remain employable, take photos of cars, explore the English countryside with my family and write TV/Film scripts.

I’m on Twitter at @rob_lambert and you can find out how joyful and rewarding management can be at

How to thrive as a tester

Thriving as a Tester

In this talk I will explore some of the ways in which testers can thrive in their careers, to enjoy their journey and to build a diverse and in-demand set of skills.

To thrive means to grow vigorously. Wow. To grow vigorously!

In reality this means you are learning, improving, helping others, accepting help and building a diverse set of experiences as you progress through your career.

It means you’re seeking out new ways of working, appreciating the work others do and embracing ideas in the testing community.

In this talk I’ll share with you many different ways in which I’ve been able to thrive, grow, improve and enjoy my career as a tester. I am certain these ideas will be helpful for you too.

We’ll cover how to paint a picture for the future, build a simple knowledge management system, seek out diverse ideas, build strong relationships in the community, set goals, be disciplines, overcome hardship, remain focused, build systems of productivity and understand why your work matters.

It will be a fun, interesting, fast paced and insightful talk full of stories, easy to implement ideas and inspiring ideas.