Isabel Evans

Freelancer (UK)

Independent quality and testing consultant Isabel Evans has more than thirty years of IT experience in the financial, communications, and software sectors. Her work focuses on quality management, software testing, and user experience (UX). A published author, popular speaker and storyteller at software conferences worldwide, Isabel is a Chartered IT Professional and Fellow of the British Computer Society, and received the 2017 EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award. In parallel with her consultancy and teaching in industry, Isabel Evans has recently started as a part-time PhD student at the Department of Computer Information Systems, University of Malta, working with Dr Chris Porter and Dr Mark Micallef on research in human factors for Software Testing. Within that, her current research project is to examine human factors around test tools and the automation of testing, in particular, the UX of test tools for testers.

Transforming testing: how to build your transformation roadmap

Do you want to transform your testing? Of course, you do. Are you being asked to transform your testing? Of course, you are. Before you leap into a transformation project: Stop. Think. Do you know why you need to transform? Do you have goals? Do you know where you are headed and where you might end up? Who is the transformation for? Who should it benefit? As I lead you through some important questions about test transformation, together we’ll explore the range of answers you might need to consider. These will be different for each person in the room, so we’ll discuss what you need to consider, why using problem-solving tools can help, and the starting point for you to make your own transformation plan. It might be you personally that needs to change. It might be your team. Or, it might be your boss has demanded transformation and you can’t see why, or how, it is to happen. Join me to explore what transformation means for you and how you can approach it.