Almudena Rodriguez Pardo

Improvement21 (ES)
Almudena Rodriguez Pardo, born in Bilbao (Spain), studied computer science at RWTH University Aachen (Germany) and started working for Ericsson in 1995. In the 22 years involved in the telecommunication sector, she achieved a strong technical background as a developer, quality coordinator and technical market support engineer in different organizations within Ericsson. Moreover,  Almudena was strongly involved in the Agile transformation and DevOps deployment at Ericsson, and worked as an Agile and DevOps consultant for Ericsson customers.

She is a well-known public speaker with international reputation at Agile and DevOps conferences, where she has been invited at Agile Tour London, Scan Agile Helsinki, Agile Practitioners Tel Aviv, Delivery of Things World Berlin, Agile Pep Minds Berlin, Conference Agile Spain, Agile Conference Austria, Agile Serbia Conference, etc… Furthermore, she contributes to the Agile community with publications like InfoQ

Almudena is actually partner at the international company Improvement21, working as Business Agility Consultant and Agile expert supporting organizations worldwide in their way to Agility and DevOps deployment.


From Test Management to Agile leadership: the XXI century challenge

Agile projects look to be here to stay! How does that affect the Test Manager role? Agile projects face a set of challenges and problems related to applying a different approach to project and test management. Some of the challenges which Test Managers are facing when introducing agile methodologies into an organization include issues such as communicating, managing day-to-day operational problems, gaining buy-in from management, customers, and team members, changing culture and mindset, and … making it work!

Management3.0, created by Jürgen Appelo, defines a Leadership model which pursues the goal of growing and transforming organizations. The set of practices defined by Appelo supports companies turn into great places to work for, where people are engaged, the work is improved, and clients are simply delighted.

This is the role for Test Managers who want to step forward and step up, helping their organisations thrive and grow in the XXI century.

In this workshop we will take a closer look at two of the areas included in the Management3.0 portfolio: setting up high performing, cross functional teams, and how delegation boards allow both, managers and employees, to clarify team responsibilities.