Silver Partner of HUSTEF 2019

Nowadays IT is getting more and more embedded into business processes. This requires IT to keep pace with the increasing need of frequent software development. But recurring releases needs to be tested continuously. The expertise and time of manual testers costs significant amounts in the era of agile software development. The solution for this issue is none other than test automation and Tricentis is one of the leader companies who not only possesses the necessary knowledge but also dictates the continuously upcoming trends.


Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. (Qualysoft Informatics Co.) is a dynamically growing service provider in the Hungarian information technology market with significant local and international references. Qualysoft Group’s service portfolio is set up of Resource Management, Business Solutions, IT Consulting, Software Development and IT Operation. Due to our international presence, we are up-to-date on the latest European IT market trends and can reach out to the latest technologies thanks to our partnerships with international solution providers.