Tariq King

Ultimate Software (USA)

Tariq King is the Senior Director and Engineering Fellow for Quality and Performance at Ultimate Software. With more than fifteen years’ experience in software testing research and practice, Tariq heads Ultimate Software’s quality program by providing technical leadership, people leadership, strategic direction, staff training, research and development in software quality and testing practices. He has previously held positions as engineering director, manager, test architect, test lead, researcher, and college professor. Tariq is a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops, has published more than thirty research articles in IEEE and ACM sponsored journals, and has developed and taught software testing courses in both industry and academia.  His primary research interest is in the area of engineering autonomous self-testing systems. He is co-founder with Jason Arbon of the Artificial Intelligence for Software Testing Association.

AI for Software Testing: The Ultimate Journey?

At last year’s HUSTEF conference, Tariq King delivered a thought-provoking keynote on the “Rise of the Machines: Can Artificial Intelligence Terminate Manual Testing?”.  But where do we go from here? As we stand on the verge of a possible revolution with AI and machine learning, how do individuals and entire organizations begin to take the first steps on the road to innovation with AI for Software Testing (AIST).  This year as HUSTEF’s Program Chair, Tariq uncovers the origin of this year’s conference theme through his personal journey in AIST at Ultimate Software. He shares how a little inspiration, combined with the right investments, led his organization to a path of present and future innovations in the software testing.   Learn how the team at Ultimate was able to become leaders in developing the next generation of software testing tools and making key contributions to the AIST open source community.