Philip Lew


Philip Lew is the CEO at XBOSoft. As a Corporate Executive, Development Manager, Product Manager and Software Engineer, Philip has managed teams to tackle broken processes, develop solutions to difficult problems, and coached others be leaders, managers and experts. He leverages his academic background in operations research and computer science combined with hands on work experience in programming, predictive modeling and algorithm development to work with clients and colleagues around the world in improving their software processes. As a sought after speaker at international technical and management conferences, he gives several keynote speeches each year around the world, but his real passions are cycling and learning.  

From Tester to Thought-Leader: The 8th Habit of Highly Effective Agile Testing

Are you a good tester who readily adapts to change, focuses on the customer, works well with others, and keeps your testing skills up-to-date?  Perhaps you have developed what Philip Lew refers to as the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Agile Testing” – a combination of practices and guiding principles that enable you to be successful tester and teammate in an agile environment.  But how do you transition from good to great? The answer is to invent, innovate and inspire others to do the same. Philip Lew believes that as we grow in our discipline, we must challenge the status quo and prepare ourselves to take software testing to new heights. Learning how to develop, evaluate, present, and implement new ideas will help you to make the transition from tester to thought leader. Hear Philip’s personal journey from an introverted engineer, too nervous to speak up in meetings, to an international speaker and leader in the software testing community. Walk away motivated and confident in your ability to improve the current state-of-the-art of software testing through a framework of innovation and inspiration.