Dionny Santiago

Ultimate Software (USA)

Dionny Santiago is a Principal Quality Architect at Ultimate Software, a leading cloud provider of human capital management solutions. Dionny provides expertise and leadership in software testing and contributes in various capacities including hands-on testing, technical problem-solving training, and internal tools development. Test automation being one of his primary areas of interest, one of Dionny’s goals is to advance the current state of the art; he is focused on research and development efforts to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to software testing. Dionny is also currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Florida International University.

Surviving the AI Testing Apocalypse

Do you believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is going to transform software testing as we know it today? Or are you skeptical about the potential of using AI for testing? Thought leaders have been sharing ideas on the possibility of an AI takeover of automated testing, and discussing the need for the software quality and testing communities to be at the forefront of testing AI-based systems. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, it is difficult to ignore some of the questions that are beginning to surface – Are manual testers and test automation engineers going to be out of a job? How will the testing roles, procedures, and tools be affected? What can testers do to prepare?  Dionny Santiago believes that an AI testing apocalypse is imminent, and that there will unavoidable shifts in the testing space. Instead of spending time focused on manually designing, crafting and evaluating tests, human efforts will be focused on interfacing, training, and collaborating with AI for testing. Being able to validate, evaluate, and improve the performance of AI will be a key aspect of measuring and reporting on test adequacy. However, before we can enter the new world of AI for testing, we will first have to survive the AI testing apocalypse. Join Dionny as he shares his vision of how the AI testing takeover will take place. Discover how you can pivot the skills of individuals, teams, and entire organizations to not only survive, but thrive during the transition to AI

Augmenting Your Test Pyramid with Layered Front-End Testing

Web applications are becoming more pervasive, powerful, and feature-rich than ever before thanks to the continuing rise of advanced UI programming technologies and design language systems. While the test pyramid serves as a powerful heuristic for creating a balanced portfolio of automated tests, in practice we tend to focus on writing unit and integration tests for application logic, and on writing end-to-end system test automation at the GUI level. Join Dionny Santiago to learn how to transform your front-end testing strategy into a layered approach, allowing you to reduce the number of end-to-end GUI tests, achieve a higher level of test coverage, and even test components sooner by shifting testing towards the left of the development lifecycle.  Learn how to write unit, component, and integration tests at the UI level using the latest and greatest testing tools and frameworks. See examples of how to apply these techniques across applications built on top of multiple frameworks, including Angular, React, and Vue. Get ready to supercharge the front-end of your test pyramid so that you can test smarter and not harder.