The Hungarian Testing Board (HTB) is pleased to announce its sixth annual international conference.
HUSTEF is one of the premier conferences for practitioners in the Central European region in all areas related to software testing.
Since modern software applications are increasingly complex and dynamic, their quality assurance and testing is challenging.
As a result, software testing incorporates professional management and engineering processes drawing upon a
wide spectrum of disciplines including engineering, computer science and also psychology.
HUSTEF seeks to meet these challenges by bringing together practitioners and researchers providing an ideal forum
where industry and academia can present their latest approaches for ensuring the quality of today’s complex software systems.

Latest News

Want to have the feeling of UEFA Euro 2016? Join HUSTEF 2016 in Groupama Arena

2016.07.04 14:26

We are proud to anounce the venue of HUSTEF 2016: Groupama Arena! We are sure to host a brilliant conference and social event at this location.

Check details: and watch the video of the Areana:


Call for Partners

2016.06.17 10:00

Be a partner of the event! Why? Because HUSTEF is a well-known and the biggest hungarian conference with 300+ attendees from different industrial sectors such as IT, Telecom, Finance, Healthcare and FMCG, with participants from top level to specialists. Need more information? Check out Call for Partners!


We appreciate your proposals! 

2016.06.14 10:00

We got more papers than ever! It appeares we will have an exciting and colorful program in this year, too! The date of the notification of acceptance is 26th June. Follow the news!


Here are the first list of speakers and their topics on HUSTEF 2016!

(For your reference, here is the Call for Proposals)


Headline: My Failures in Software Testing
Isabel Evans | Freelancer, United Kingdom
Tools/approaches/techniques to help testers be more effective
Julian Harty | Commercetest Ltd., United Kingdom
Scaling your Selenium Tests for web and mobile beyond your local Firefox Browser
Michael Palotas | Element34 Solutions GmbH, Switzerland


Leading, following or managing? Efficient and effective ways to help your group thrive
Isabel Evans | Freelancer, United Kingdom
Practical test automation with Selenium
Michael Palotas | Element34 Solutions GmbH, Switzerland


Mentoring in QA
Vojtěch Barta | Vendavo CZ
Academic and Industrial Software Testing Conferences: Survey and Synergies
Árpád Beszédes and László Vidács | University of Szeged
Testing within the automotive industry: We test it, you drive it.
Petra Bouskova | MBtech Bohemia s.r.o.
Challenges and trade-offs in performance testing
Tamás Bőhm, János Kövesdi, István Óváry and István Navrasics | Ericsson Magyarország Kft.
Infecting people with TDD and more
András Dezső and Csaba Szökőcs | Evosoft Hungary Kft.
Tough Love: Dev and QA
Tomasz Dubikowski | Ocado Technology
Mastering the Test Process Improvement
Attila Fekete | NNG Llc
Tri-Layer Testing Framework
Péter Földházi | EPAM Systems
Redesigning performance verification to new product architecture
Gábor Megyaszai | Nokia Networks
Scaffolding a legacy app with BDD scenarios using SpecFlow/Cucumber
Gaspar Nagy | Spec Solution
When Web Analytics Meets Test Automation
Ambrus Palotai | National Instruments
Testing developer or developing tester - what is better?
Slavoj Písek | Kerio Technologies Inc.
Framework Architecture for Test Automation
Andrew Pollner | ALP International Corporation
Continuous client-side performance and security testing
Branka Rakic | Levi9
Is testing like electricity?
Phil Royston | tesena, Smart Testing
Developing an Open Source conformance testing environment for ITS communications
Aitor Ruano, György Réthy, Elemér Lelik and Lénárd Nagy | Applus IDIADA, Ericsson Magyarország kft.
Easing Behavioral Driven Development with Model-Based Testing
Stephan Schulz | Conformiq
Testing large databases – a case study
Harry Sneed | ZT Prentner IT GmbH, Vienna, Austria & SoRing Kft.Budapest Ungarn
Mastering testing with the communication path
Lucian-Adrian Stroie | R/GA
Introduction to graph databases – why you might find them useful
Attila Tóth | Nokia Networks
Essence of usability
Árpád Tóth | Evertest Kft.
What we expect from the “smartest web testing solution” in the world
Istvan Turai, Tamas Cser and Ray Grieselhuber | Functionize Inc.
What drives the drive tests?
Balazs Vödrös | Evosoft Hungary Kft.
Traceability - ways to ensure better management and consistency
Karolina Zmitrowicz | Freelancer
A Phantom Menace
Armin Metzger | ISTQB


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